Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Cranes And Hoists

Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Cranes And Hoists

Buying cranes and hoists is a significant investment. It is an investment that every buyer wants to protect. You can routinely call out service professionals to inspect, repair, or provide services to the hoists or cranes.

Like any other machinery or equipment in the automobile industry, the overhead cranes need regular maintenance. It is required to increase the life of the product and keep the operation efficient.

The professionals recommend that your crane go through regular inspections, especially for overhead cranes. But before that, every buyer should consider certain factors before buying hoists and cranes.


Some people opt for over-designed cranes due to their good looks. It is one of the common problems and mistakes that most buyers make. If a hoist or crane comes with an over-design, it can decrease the overall functioning of the crane. The over-designing becomes evident in the dimension of the structure of the crane.

Safety factor requirement

A buyer should consider the safety factor requirement, including the class of duty, lifting speed, capacity, and lifting height. People generally frame the safety factor requirements after considering their past experiences. At one point in time, when you buy an ill-functioning crane, it can be an expensive purchase. Therefore try and consider the safety factor requirement so that you can skip the expensive costs of maintenance.

The span of the crane and the alignment issues.

If a crane goes through damages or significant stresses, then the alignment gets damaged. It can result in the replacement of parts or costly repairs. During your purchase, make sure that you look for the exact span & alignment. In most cases, we tend to ignore this factor. Therefore it leads to excessive repairing charges.

Degradation or damage of Wire Rope

It is one of the most common issues that one experiences with cranes. While buying cranes or hoists, people do not check for the possible damage, especially if one is purchasing a second-hand crane. Several problems can lead to injuries or major accidents. Some of this includes:

  1. Worn or broken wire rope
  2. Broken or corroded wire rope at the end connections
  3. The wire rope comes out of the reeving system
  4. Reduction of the wire rope diameter

Sometimes some of the operating conditions can adversely affect the life of the wire ropes. The best way to prevent any kind of damage to the wire rope is to inspect the rope after every usage. Proper lubrication can help to cope up with this damage. It provides some protection against corrosion and also reduces friction. Therefore while buying, always look for the damage or degradation that seeps in the ropes of the crane.

Myth about it

Most crane buyers have a concept that more is always better. But in reality, more is not at all better. It is a common misconception that every buyer has regarding the crane. Cranes that are heavier in weight are more rugged than the lighter ones. Heavier cranes just increased the dead load on the structure and did not contributes positively to safety or performance.


Buying a crane can be an expensive affair. You must look for the standards rather than the budget. A buyer can get a better product if it is designed following IS standards. To get an economical buy that covers manufacturing strength after-sales service or delivery commitments. Buyers also make the mistake of buying cranes or hoists without any scope clarity. Always look for different charges like loading charges & unloading charges, storage charges, commissioning and installation charges, and so on. Most of the time, a project tends to get delayed due to the missing scope clarity.

After-sales services

The crane breakdown indicates a direct loss of productivity. While you are purchasing a crane, the best possible way is to visit the manufacturer works that you have shortlisted. Look for the after-sales services that the company offers. You must also find out from the company how much time it takes to execute your complaints. Buying cranes or hoists means a lot of investment. Therefore you must maintain the product properly so that you don’t have to spend an extra amount for its repair process. Ensure that your product is covered under the option of after-sales services so that the investment in the crane and hoist that you bought becomes worthwhile.


18% of the buyers tend to buy the wrong product. Due to the misconception or gimmicks, the product seller provides the buyers with the faulty products. No one can ever say or decide which manufacturer produces the best cranes and hoists. It varies from buyer to buyer. Based on the service and operation of the application, the product varies. Here are some of the common mistakes that most buyers make while buying cranes and hoists. Once you get to know your error, you can check for possible ways to correct it. Therefore avoid these mistakes to have the best purchase, be it a new crane or a second-hand hoist.

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